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Driver CPC training is compulsory training required by all professional bus, coach and lorry drivers. CPC stands for certificate of professional competence and is required by new and existing drivers. New drivers will complete CPC training as part of their initial training, which is valid for 5 years. After this, all drivers are required to complete periodic CPC training. Without periodic CPC training, the driver will be unable to renew their license and will be fined if they drive without a renewed license.

Periodic CPC training, involved 35 hours (5 full days)of classroom work, through approved training providers, such as ourselves. These 35 hours must be completed within 5 years. It is recommended to complete 7hrs of CPC hours each year, to prevent you from having to attend 35 hours in the last year.

We offer a wide range of different courses that you’re able to attend to count towards your CPC hours, which you can see below. For half day courses (3.5hrs).

Currently all courses are being delivered online by Zoom through our partnered company – Total Compliance.

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Course Modules

We offer a wide range of training modules that will ensure your driver CPC trianing, is different each time. The current modules that we cover are:

  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Plant Load/Unload
  • Bulk Haulage Operations
  • CPC Link Core Module
  • Customer Service
  • Drivers Hours and Tachographs
  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • Individual Performance and Loads
  • Manual Handling
  • Vehicle Banksman
  • Vehicle Performance, Driving Techniques & Safety
  • Your Attitude
  • Your Company and the Law
  • Highways England Smart Motorway
  • Mental Wellbeing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a crane license?

There actually is no such thing as a crane license, it’s just a phrase that is commonly used. Instead it is a certification that can be accredited or non-accredited. Some training providers will provide a printed certificate in the shape of a driving license, therefore where the term crane license came from.

What is Driver CPC Periodic Training?

Driver CPC periodic training is the requirement for drivers to complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years to be able to keep driving. Periodic training is delivered through courses that drivers can attend which have been approved by JAUPT, that count towards their driver CPC hours.

How do I check my hours and my expiry date?

On the front of the Driver Qualification Card under section 4b, the expiry date of the card will be displayed here. This is the date that you need to ensure you’ve completed 35 hours of CPC periodic training by.

If you’re unsure how many hours you’ve done, or wish to check to make sure your previous training was logged, you can check on the GOV.UK website. We highly encourage drivers to check their CPC hours, as we’ve heard instances in which they’ve attended courses, but the training center has failed to upload their attendance to JAUPT.

What happens if I don’t do 35 hours of CPC periodic training?

Failure to complete 35 hours of CPC periodic training before the expiry date of your driver qualification card, will result in you not being able to drive professionally until you do.

You can also be fined up to £1,000 for driving professionally without the driver certificate of professional competence.

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